2400 Tachograph Fleet Management Recording Device

Veeder-RootSeries 2400 Chart Recording Tachograph

Easy to Use:
The automatic unit is simple to fit and use, and is supplied with a clear and comprehensive manual.

Easy to Install:
Integral fitting or suitable mounting above or below the dashboard with minimum alterations.

Standard Charts:
Industry standard 125, 140 and 180km/h charts available.

 Convenient & Stylish Design:Veeder Root Tachograph - Computerized Trip  Recorder
Being ISO Radio size, the Series 2400 mounts underneath the dash or can be put into any standard radio, cassette tape or single CD player mounting area. The unit also has a mechanical drawer for quick and easy mounting of charts, LCD front panel display and electronic control buttons. The 2400 is also tamper-proof.

Theseries 2400 tachograph has all the features of a regular tachograph but in a more convenient, compact and easy to use form.

There are also a variety of accessories that maximize performance and convenience. Click Here to view.

Saves You Fuel, Easy Read Charts:
Click Here to view an example of how the 2400 Tachographs can save you fuel and see how easy it is read our charts.

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