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Tachographs, Charts & Accessories

Tachographs are built durable to withstand shock and vibration. They can be used to manage a fleet, keep track of fuel, time & distance. Tachographs save money! Charts are also available for all Tachographs.

Quickly view trouble codes and real-time performance data from ANY diesel engine, transmission, and ABS system with J1587/J1708 or J1939.

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Gives permanent, written, minute by minute report on the 5 inch Vibrecorder disc. Easily refer to it whenever workers, routes or vehicles need to be evaluated.
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Runtime Meter

Keeps track of a running time on anything that vibrates.
Recording Instruments Accessories:
Sky Drive
The Sky Drive is the speed sender that works no matter what it's on, using GPS technology to accurately drive any electric pulsed speedometer.

Perfect for speedometer retrofits or any application that needs an accurate speed signal.

Tachograph Speed Divider

The Speed Divider is a pulse shaper and amplifier for Veeder-Root, Kienzle and Motometer Tachographs requiring a dual signal asynchronous pulse. It divides the speed signal by a factor of 2, 4, or 8, as required.

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Interface between the J-1708 Bus data stream found on the new computerized diesel engines.

J1939 Data Link

Interface between the vehicle's J1939 data bus found on the new computerized diesel engines.
Speedometer Calibrator for Electronic Speedometers