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Speed Rite - for speedometer calibrating and converting from kph to mph

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Speedometer Calibrator For Electric Speedometers

Corrects Speedometer Errors

Speed Rite Speedometer Calibrator corrects speedometer errors due to tire/rear axle changes and/or the installation of an overdrive with easily accessible dip switches.  
Speed Rite - for speedometer calibrating and converting from kph to mph

Toggle Between Settings

Speed Rite has the unique feature of allowing you, with the flick of a switch, to toggle between the factory setting and the newly calibrated setting. Ideal for vehicles which see on-going tire/rear end changes or for the traveller who drives in the U.S. and Canada. Your speedometer may read in kph and you can convert easily to mph between borders.


Calibrate Tachometers

Speed Rite is excellent for calibrating 6 cyl. tachometers to 8 cyl., 4 cyl. to 6 cyl., etc, after engine conversions.

Easy Installation

Speed Rite can be easily installed as only 4 wires are utilized. Install the unit between the speed signal source and the E.C.U. to insure correct operation of not only the speedometer but the A.B.S. and proper transmission shift points. Speed Rite accepts square and signwave signals and corrects to within 1/4 of 1%.

Speed Rite Speedo Calibrator