Tachograph Charts

When you need replacement tachograph charts, Canadian Automotive Instruments Ltd. is the place to turn. As their Canadian distributor, we offer a wide range of replacement charts as well as a full line of accessories. Chartwell charts are designed to operate in Tach-Man, Veeder-Root, Argo, Kienzle, VDO and Sangamo tachographs and meet the stringent EC test requirements. These top quality discs provide a superior trace for easier analysis.

The following types of charts/discs and accessories are available for you to order...

These are a small number of the charts available. Please feel free to Contact Us and check for availablility on your chart type.

Chartwell Tachograph Charts/Disc

  • 125 km/24 hr
  • 125 km/2500 RPM/24 hr
  • 125 km/3300 RPM/24 hr
  • 125 km/4000 RPM/24 hr
  • 125 km/3300 RPM/8 day
  • 125 km/24 hr MINI
  • 110 km/24 hr (Sangamo)
  • 90 mph/24 hr (Sangamo)
  • 2300 RPM/24 hr (Sangamo)
  • 70 mph/24 hr (Sangamo)

Also available...

Complete Assortment of Chart Accessories

Tachograph Chart Display

Hand Held Disc Analyser

Chartwell Chart Checker

Magnified Chart Accumulator

Plastic Chart Box

Chart Binder

Chartwell Tachograph Chart / Disc Checker
Chartwell Chart Checker
Magnified Tachograph Chart / Disc Accumulator
Magnified Chart Accumulator
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