Heavy Duty Industrial Instruments

- Full line of heavy-duty gauges, tachometers & speedometers ideally suited for rugged O.E.M. off-highway, industrial & specialty vehicle applications
- Rugged design assures desired performance in high shock & vibration environments
- Superior Magna-Torque™ air-core movement minimizes hysteresis, improves pointer response & assures better accuracy
- High-impact moisture-resistant polyester case & sealed bobbin assembly
- Dual scale graphics
- Immune to over-voltage or incorrect installation
- Optional Smart Instrument® versions


Sizes: 2" diameter (nominal) gauges/tachometers, panel cut-out 2.098"+/-02"; 3-3/8" diameter (nominal) tachometers/speedometers, panel cut-out 3.400" +/- .02"
Dials: Metal, black
Graphics/symbols White-on-black English-metric (dual scale) with SAE symbols
Pointer: Standard white; RTZ feature on select products
Bezel: Black, anodized; SAE "step", "deep draw" or stainless steel, polished step
Lens: Glass
Case: Hight-impact moisture-resistant polyester (PBT)
Bobbin assembly: Fully sealed, internally dampened
Movement: High-torque Magna-Torque™ air-core movement: 90° sweep for gauges & 270° sweep for tachometers & speedometers
Lighting: Perimeter lighting (flood-lit)/Optional incandescent 12- or 24-volt5/8" or wedgebase light kits
Supply/operating voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VDC/10-16 VDC (12-volt) or 20-32 VDC(24-volt)
Ohms/resistance: Datcon electrical "match" (240-33.5Ohms, typical)
Electrical connections: #6-32 studs, male
Hardware: "Kit" includes mounting bracket, lock washers & zinc-plated nuts
Sealing: Front sealed, gasketed
General performance: Gauges per SAE J1810; meters per SAE J1399 & J1226
Accuracy: Per SAE J1810: +/-1.5 angular degrees at primary calibration point & +/-3 angular degrees at secondary calibration point based on nominal input
Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Shock & vibration Per SAE J1810


Suitability of application is the responsibility of the user. Gauges and meters should be matched with appropriate Datcon brand senders and sensors to assure systems compatibility.

For any other information or to order email us at sales@c-a-i.net