500k Upgrade for Existing Ultra-Link Tools

Adds Support for 2016 and Newer Vehicles with Green Diagnostic Plugs

For tools with firmware version 5.8XL and lower

Now Supports 500k J1939

For vehicles with the new green 9-pin Deutsch diagnostic plug.

$257.50 USD

Need Help? CAI Provides No-cost Technical Support for the Lifetime of the Product.

New Vehicles are Migrating to the New 500k J1939 Standard
  • These vehicles use a green 9-pin Deutsch connector
  • They can not be read with the black plug harness
  • This upgrade allows existing Ultra-Link tools to read these vehicles

Upgrade Includes:
  • Ultra-Link Tool upgrade
  • New 500k green plug harness (also works with older black connectors)
  • Updated PC download software

CALL toll-free 1-866-963-6016 to order.

Ultra-Link tools with firmware version 5.9XL and higher do not require this upgrade
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