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Works on ALL diesel engines,transmissions and ABS brake systems utilizing J1587/1708 and J1939 protocols. The ULTRA-LINK Diagnostic Tool simply plugs into the diagnostic outlet on the engine or in the cab of the vehicle, reads the digital data stream from the ECM and displays the various functions and error codes.

NOW FIELD PROGRAMMABLE! Accommodates J1587/J1708 to J1939 conversion, with a large number of standard parameters supported. The New Line of Translators are all Field Programmable. Modifying parameters (add/remove) and performing firmware upgrades can now be done at the job site.


Want to upgrade your vehicle chassis, but keep your reliable, older engine? Glider Link allows the marriage between a J1587/J1708 engine and a J1939 cab controller and dash panel.

J1708 USB Transfer Cable

A cloud-based software analyzes the engine data and provides a detailed report including device addresses and available parameters. Use it to update a TMT Translator or Procon Protocol Converter in the field!
J1587/J1708 to Modbus RTU for use with PLCs

Procon Lite
Procon Lite is intended for users who want easy and simple access to the information present J1587/J1708 data bus, but do not have the resources to become experts on the protocol. The Procon Lite provides both the hardware interface and the software interface to the data bus. A connector is provided on the product that can directly wired to the J1587/J1708 data bus on the engine.
Gauge Drivers / Digital to Analog:
Programmable data bus system linking the electronic control module (ECM) on today's modern electronic diesel engines to the analog instrument information center. Systems-Link is unique in the industry because the data bus is programmable to work with all instruments OHM resistance.

Data Link

Interface between the J-1708 Bus data stream found on the new computerized diesel engines.