Sky Drive GPS Speedo Sender

Accurately Drive your Speedometer using GPS Satellite Technology

  • Works on all pulsed Electronic Speedometers
  • Utilizes a very powerful Omni Directional. Antenna that can be mounted in ANY orientation
  • Completely self contained
  • Easy Installation, can use as few as 3-wires to operate
  • Multi-Function Outputs:
    Speed Signal, Alternative Ignition, Overspeed, Warning & Cruise Control
  • Updates 10 times a second
  • Calibrates to any electronic speedo with the push of a button
  • Can be calibrated for miles, kilometers or nautical miles
  • Custom Programming Available
Sky Drive GPS Speedometer Speed Sender

Sky Drive GPS Speedometer Speed Sender   &   Sky Drive GPS Speedometer Speed Sender

C e r t i f i e d

Sky Drive Dimensions length, width and height

The Sky Drive is now available in a Waterproof Enclosure. Please contact us if you have more questions.